The Early Career Researcher Network

The Early Career Researcher Network (ECRN) within SHIFT2HEALTH invites all interested researchers who aim to enhance their scientific careers within the project to become part of it.

Within the ECRN, our objectives are to remain connected, engage in discussions about our research topics, and broaden our knowledge through presentations and workshops according to the needs and wishes of the members. Additionally, through our close exchange, we aim to facilitate collaboration and interactions among early career researchers, even between different project partners from various countries.

Our overarching goal is to immerse ourselves in science and research, thus further qualifying ourselves for future work as researchers. To achieve this, we will establish a network, acquire new knowledge about research methods from different disciplines, foster interdisciplinary exchanges, and, last but not least, enjoy our journey together.

Vanessa Schoissengeier

University of Vienna (Department of Nutritional Science)

Research topic: "The main focus of my research is to identify early risk obesity-associated (bio-)markers in shift vs. non-shift workers across Europe. We are conducting a cross-sectional study to investigate the effect of shift work on oxidative stress, DNA damage and untargeted metabolomics."

Imke Matullat

ttz Bremerhaven (Sensory & Consumer Science Department)

Research topic: Physical activity of shift workers in the context of lifestyle and diet.

Anna Lena Aufschnaiter

FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences

Research topic: nutrition/dietary behaviour, sensory science

Lili L. Kókai

Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam

Research topic: Creating a chrono-nutrition tailored intervention that prevents and reduces overweight and obesity in shift workers.

Katrin Scionti

University of Vienna (Department of Nutritional Science)

Research topic: "I am project coordinator for SHIFT2HEALTH, thus my tasks are related to project management. My work is to assure effective communication among all collaborators, to overview the progress of the project and to guarantee that it flows as planned, according to the set deadlines. In addition, as postdoc, I will also be actively involved in the analysis of biomarkers of pre-obesity in various biological samples and in the characterization of biological mechanisms behind the surge of these biomarkers."

Isabel Santonja

Medical University of Vienna (Department of Epidemiology, Center for Public Health)

Medical University of Vienna (Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Center for Public Health)

Research topic: Main research interest are meal-timing, sleep patterns and microbiome profiles in night shift workers and how these modulate the risk of chronic diseases observed in this population

Alice Denis

KU Leuven (Translational Research Center for Gastrointestinal Disorders (TARGID))

Research topic: Studying the cross-talk between circadian clock genes and nutrient sensing pathways in the human gut.

Coen Dros

Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam (Department of Public Health)

Research topic: Reducing the risk of obesity and identify early risk obesity-associated (bio-)markers in shift workers

Emilie de Zoete

Wageningen University (Department of Human Nutrition and Health)

Research topic: Development and evaluation of nutritional strategies to reduce and prevent obesity in shift workers

Christina Höfler

FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences

Research topic: nutritional behaviour, sensory perception and food preferences